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Thier Gone!!!!!

2008-01-20 20:01:21 by KiteRunner!!!!! my Parents take away all my musical quipment, my guitars my amp, all my recording stuff!!!

it seems i have an intermission with uploading new stuff, tho i will look for old stuff, but ussually i dont keep those for long


Its here!!!

2008-01-13 16:55:45 by KiteRunner

its done, be expected to see my work on monday or tusday!!

making somthing new

2008-01-12 21:54:43 by KiteRunner

hopfully some of you bass players will lyk this. a new style put on Newgrounds audio portal. a punk/funk/alternative Fast pased poping and slaping bass music.
and adding some other form of style, with vocal. (still working on it) but will turn out very good, i already have some done and will be trying to put it on the site.